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It was thirteen years ago, a bunch of photographers were sitting at the back of a Don Blair program at WPPI when somebody said “this stuff needs to be in a book!” Eight months later Body Parts emerged! And, thanks to help from Marathon Press, the book was delivered right on time for the next WPPI convention.

Over the past few years there have been hundreds of requests to reprint Body Parts. There’s simply nothing like it on the market. So, we’re bringing it back with one printing for a very limited time.

This book is about understanding the fundamentals of creating the most flattering poses for your clients. Whether you’re a portrait photographer or not, makes no difference – you need to know how to create the most flattering images of your subject.

Short Bride, Tall Groom

One of our favorite examples in the book is the Tall Groom – Short Bride sequence.

This book is designed to be in your camera bag. Its layout is like a recipe book showing the wrong way and then the right way to get around those challenges Mother Nature has created. It also includes a series of solid basic lighting diagrams, featuring some of Don’s best images – all of them timeless in their approach.

Short Bride, Tall Groom

The secrets of stunning images don’t have to be a secret any longer. Order your copy for $39.95 today. Available while supplies last!